Maritime Museum, Port Adelaide

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Model Ships in the Port Adelaide Museum

HMS "Investigator" - the first ship to circumnavigate Australia 1801-1803 - captain Matthew Flinders
The ship was built in Sunderland UK as a collier, and was named Fram when launched in 1795. She operated off the north-east coast of England before being purchased by the Royal Navy in 1798. She was then refitted with 22 guns to serve as an escort vessel, and renamed Xenophon. After rebuild and various roles broken up in 1872. [Wikipedia]
German Cruiser SMS "Emden" 1908

SMS Emden was a light cruiser of the Imperial German Navy in World War I. The Emden raided Allied shipping in the Indian Ocean early in the war, sinking or capturing thirty Allied merchant vessels and warships before being run aground by her captain to prevent her from sinking, after engaging the more powerful HMAS Sydney at the Battle of Cocos. [Wikipedia]

Orient Line "Oronsay" 1925 - 1,836 passengers. Torpedoed in the Atlantic in WWII as a troop carrier.

P&O "Strathmore" 1935 - 1,025 passengers. Scrapped in 1969.

Built in UK for Melbourne Steamship Co. "Duntroon" 1935 - 373 passengers. Scrapped 1973.

Ship Figureheads from the 19th century in the Port Adelaide Maritime Museum
"Ville De Bordeaux" 1936-1860
3-masted wooden ship 822 tons
"Sultana" 1837-1850
3-masted wooden barque 349 tons
"Coromandel" 1844-65
3-masted wooden ship 985 tons
"Claymore" 1858-1892
3-masted wooden barque 287 tons
"Hannah Nicholson" 1858-1894
3-masted wooden barque 252 tons
"Wave Queen" 1861-1874
3-masted wooden barque 250 tons
"Annie Lisle" 1865-1887
3-masted wooden barque 338 tons
"Margit" 1891-1911
3-masted steel barque 1241 tons
"Garthneill" 1895-1935
3-masted steel barque 1470 tons
"Glen Park" 1897-1901
3-masted steel barque 1799 tons


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