Living AUSTRALIA - South Australia

South Australian Outback in 2010 and 2012

After unusual rains, much of the outback in 2010 was green (as opposed to the usual red/brown), with lots of wildflowers, and (unusually) Lake Eyre contained water.

Flinders Ranges
featuring Bunyeroo Gorge

Woomera Weapon's Museum
& Sturt's Desert Pea

Island Lagoon, Lake Hart
& Mound Springs

Lyndhurst Ochre Cliffs

Coober Pedy - Opal Mining Town

The Breakaways - near Coober Pedy

Marree and William Creek

Road to Lake Eyre's Halligan Bay

Between William Creek and Lake Eyre North by air 2010

Lake Eyre South 2010

Lake Eyre North 2010

Painted Hills 2012

Around Lake Eyre 2012


Ngarkat Conservation Park

Renmark Private Wildlife Park

In 2012, Lake Eyre was still half full of water

Lake Eyre South 2012   ||   Lake Eyre North 2012